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Templates are "complete games," designed to teach you. You can also use them to make your own games to sell or give away.

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Action Pack #1 No longer available.
Asteroids Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Balloon Pop Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Breakout Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Musical Memory Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Missile Command Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Pig Dice Game Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Sliding Puzzle Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Tic-Tac-Toe Corona Marketplace Sellfy
Whack-a-Mole Corona Marketplace Sellfy

Plugins & Modules

Plugins are libraries/modules distributed through the Corona plugin system.

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Image Sheet/Sprite Helpers Corona Marketplace
Numeric Parental Gate Corona Marketplace
Patcher Corona Marketplace

Core Products

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RoamingGamer FREE SUPERCHARGING Corona game development every day. Get It Now!


Tools(tools) are complete solutions to common Corona game and app design problems.

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RGPE2 FREE Roaming Gamer Particle Editor 2 (aka RGPE2) is a FREE particle editor for creating emitter definition files for use with the Corona newEmitter() function.

Requesting Something

Do you have a cool idea? Am I missing a product that is critical to your game or app?

Whatever the case, you can ask me to make it HERE. Just make a post with these details:

I will respond as soon as I see the post and we will proceed from there.

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