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(Latest Release Version: 2018.01.02) (Last Docs Update: 02 JAN 2018)


What Is It?

Super Starter Kit 2 (aka SSK2) is a collection of libraries and utilities designed to take your Corona SDK development experience to a whole new level of efficiency and speed.

Globals Variables & functions (optionally) added to the global namespace to speed up and simplify coding.
Extensions Adds 60+ new and improved features to: display.*, io.*, math.*, string.*, table.*, transition.*
Libraries ~30 libraries (and growing) that I have developed to solve common game and app design problems.
External A few libraries by folks that I find useful. (Appropriate licenses listed and included.)

What Is In It?

Previously, SSK2 was split into a lite and PRO version. Additionally, I charged for both versions.

As of June 18th 2017. SSK2 is now free and comes in a single release containing:

Installing SSK2

To use SSK2, simply:

  1. Copy the ssk2 folder and its contents to the same folder as your main.lua file.
  2. Add this to main.lua at or very near the top of the file:
require "ssk2.loadSSK"

Tip: SSK2 adds extra features to Lua and Corona so it is best to initialize it prior to requiring any other libraries or modules.

Configuring SSK2

The initialization example shown above uses the default settings for SSK2. You may want to change that.

ssk.init() takes an optional table of key-value pairs { key1=value1, ..., keyN=valueN } that allows you to configure the myriad options SSK2 provides.

Configuration Settings:


_G.ssk.init( { launchArgs = ..., 
               measure = true,  
               gameFont = "Raleway-Light.ttf", 
               debugLevel = 2 } )

Validation Sampler

As time proceeds, there will me more and more free and paid content available using SSK2... but for now you can take a look at the Validation Sampler that comes with SSK2.

You will find the Validation Sampler in the ZIP-file you downloaded under ~/validation.

To run the sampler, do the following:

  1. Copy the ssk2/ folder (and all its contents) into ~/validation/.
  2. Open main.lua in the SIMULATOR. This will display a menu of samples you can run.
  3. Click on any sample button to run that sample.
  4. Re-load simulator (CTRL+R or CMD+R) to see the menu again.

(Although it will work, the sampler is not designed to run easily on a device. i.e. You will need to quit the app to run a new sample.)

Validation Sampler


SSK has a couple of (semi-) hidden feature attached to the module that you might find useful.


For those folks who love metrics (admit it, you do), here are a few interesting details about SSK2.

Lines Of Code & Comments

Counting with cloc I get these metrics:

Language                     files          blank        comment           code
Lua                             58           2199           2386           9356

Memory Footprint

A measurement of memory used per-library and in total:

-- Initalizing SSK
ssk2.core                                                    :      10 KB
ssk2.extensions.display                                      :       1 KB                                           :       7 KB
ssk2.extensions.math                                         :       5 KB
ssk2.extensions.native                                       :       3 KB
ssk2.extensions.string                                       :      13 KB
ssk2.extensions.table                                        :      25 KB
ssk2.extensions.timer2                                       :       4 KB
ssk2.extensions.transition                                   :       3 KB
ssk2.system                                                  :       2 KB
ssk2.colors                                                  :      16 KB
ssk2.display                                                 :      52 KB
ssk2.math2d                                                  :      30 KB                                                      :       6 KB
ssk2.actions.actions                                         :      21 KB
ssk2.easyIFC                                                 :     128 KB
ssk2.easyInputs                                              :      72 KB
ssk2.easyCamera                                              :      14 KB
ssk2.misc                                                    :      64 KB
ssk2.pex                                                     :      18 KB
ssk2.dialogs.basic                                           :       9 KB
ssk2.dialogs.custom                                          :       5 KB
ssk2.factoryMgr                                              :       4 KB                                                 :       1 KB                                                :       9 KB
ssk2.persist                                                 :       2 KB
ssk2.points                                                  :       4 KB
ssk2.soundMgr                                                :      21 KB
ssk2.easySocial                                              :       2 KB
ssk2.shuffleBag                                              :       4 KB
ssk2.meters                                                  :       7 KB
ssk2.files                                                   :      44 KB
ssk2.tiledLoader                                             :      10 KB
ssk2.easyPositioner                                          :      12 KB
ssk2.adHelpers.adHelpers                                     :       2 KB
SSK Total                                                    :  626.11 KB

Tip: While I find it useful to have all parts of SSK2 present during development, I sometimes remove elements I'm not using during production.

To teach you about this, I will be soon write an article called: SLIMMING DOWN SSK2

~ The Roaming Gamer


Don't Panic

Are you having a problem with SSK2? If so, don't panic.

I regularly update SSK2 and its co-products. Most of the time problems can simply be traced back to not having the most up-to-date version of SSK2.

Are You Using The Latest Version?

Add this code at the end of main.lua

print( "SSK VERSION: " .. ssk.getVersion() )

If this prints out SSK VERSION: 2018.01.02 you have the latest version.

If not, then go download a new copy from your store page.

Tip: While you are checking, be sure to check that your co-products are up-to-date too.

Are You Getting Errors?

Did you get an error dialog, or are you seeing error/warning message in the console?

If so, read them and see if you have made a mistake on the line indicated.

If you think its me and not you, post a question in the forums. (See Posting Questions To Forums below.)

Are you typing ssk2?

You may have noticed that while this is called SSK 2, I still use the old naming convention ssk.someFunction() in my samples.

"Why," you ask?

I am a lazy coder and proud of it. Even one extra letter is too much repetetive typing for me. Also, I'm and old dog, and as the saying goes, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

So, if you have been doing this: ssk2.someFunction(), get rid of the 2 and you will be good to go.

SSK2 ~= SSK Legacy

This is the guide for SSK2. If you are trying to use Legacy SSK and following this guide... well many things have changed. Please consider getting SSK2.

Get SSK2 Now! It will be worth every penny! ~ The Roaming Gamer

Posting Questions To The Forums

I will be providing help (exclusively) through the Corona SDK Forums. (Sorry: Direct e-mails and private messages will not be answered.)

When posting a question in the forums, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Post to this forum:
  2. Make sure the title starts with: SSK2 and includes a short and meaninful name for the the problem.
    • Example Title: SSK2: newImageRect() Paint Fill Parameter Not Working
  3. In the body of the post tell me all of the following:
    • Versions / Environment / Target
      • Version of SSK you are using.
      • Version of Corona SDK you are using.
      • OS you are developing under.
      • Where you are encountering the issue (Simulator(s) and or Device(s)).
    • Error Message(s) (If Any)
      • Error messages (put them in a code block for legibility)
    • Summary Of Problem
      • What you are trying to do.
      • What you expected to see.
      • What you saw instead.
      • Why you think this is wrong (if there is no explicit error message.)
    • Help Thyself
      • Tell me what debugging steps you have tried.

Be clear, concise and precise.
The more effort you put into your post, the better I will be able to help you.

~ The Roaming Gamer

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