System Variables and Flags (ssk.system.*)

Actual Environment Flags

These variable will tell you the ACTUAL Operating System you are running in now (whether you are running in the simulator, a device, or a destkop build).

Syntax Summary
onSimulator true if running on Corona SDK simulator.
oniOS true if running on iPhone or iPad.
onAndroid true if running on any Android device.
onAmazon true if running on Amazon device.
onNook true if running on NOOK device.
onWinPhone true if running on Windows phone.
onAppleTV true if running on Apple TV device.
onAndroidTV true if running on Android TV device. Not 100% reliable.
onOSX true if running on machine using OS X operating system.
onWin true if running on machine using Windows (7/8/10/..) operating system.
onDesktop true if onOSX or onWin is true.
onDevice true if running on a mobile device.

Target Environment Flags

If you are running in the simulator, these flags will reflect the current skin OS. If you are running on a device or desktop build, these flags will reflect actual OS.

Syntax Summary
targetiOS true for iOS targets and devices.
targetAndroid true for Android targets and devices.
targetAppleTV true for Apple TV OS targets and devices.
targetOSX true for OS X and devices.
targetWin true for Windows and devices.
targetDesktop true any desktop target or device.
targetDevice true any mobile target or device.

Actual Device Flags

These flags tell you the device you are running or the skin of the simulator.

oniPhone4 oniPhone5 oniPhone5c oniPhone5s
oniPhone6 oniPhone6Plus oniPhone6s oniPhone6sPlus
oniPad oniPadPro
onAndroidTablet Not 100% reliable.

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