Android Helpers (*)

This library contains a few helper functions to handle common Android issues/tasks.

captureBackButton captureVolumeButtons easyAndroidUIVisibility


Capture the back button on Android devices and prompt the user to be sure they really want to leave the app.

When user presses back button they are prompted with a pop-up dialog:

captureBackButton [ noCB, [ yesCB ] ] )

local onNo()
   print("Pressed No")   

local onYes()
   print("Pressed Yes")
end onNo, onYes )


Capture the volume buttons on Android and do something when they are pressed. [ block, [ volUp, [ volDown ] ] ] )

local upUp()
   print("Use tried to increase volume")   

local onDown()
   print("Use tried to decrease volume")   
end true, onUp, onDown )


Easily hide Android virtual buttons (back, home, ... ). [ profile ] ] )

-- Automatically use 'immersiveSticky' if available. nil )

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